Educational Workshop Series by WSRO

One Day Robotics Workshop
“Learn to build Your First Robot”


  • To groom, empower budding students to make them self-reliant in the field of robotics and automation by providing them real time hands on exposure to build robots.
  • To raise the technical skill and bridge the gap between industries and academia acquired.
  • To motivate, inspire and encourage young engineers to begin R&D work in the field of robotics and make India recognized in the world.
  • To appreciate the role of robotics in today’s industry.
  • To think, design, develop and implement new application of intelligent Robots.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Students will be confident and capable to build their own robot and can participate in a National Level & International level Robotics competition (WSRO).
  • Attendee will be capable of designing any application by integrating multidisciplinary concepts and can understand all the process of an automation industry.
  • Students will be ready for the 21’st century’s workshop inspired by Robotics & STEM.

Benefits of Participants:

  • Well trained facilitator from WSRO.
  • Cognitive learning method inspired by Robotics & STEM.
  • Individual kit of robots for each team (for hands on experience during workshop).
  • Focus on creativity and imagination of participants.
  • 100% hands on experience in building, circuit designing and basic programming of robots.
  • Study material.

Benefits of Organizing Institutes:

  • Both students and faculties of organisation will get opportunity to work as a volunteer in WSRO national championship.
  • Organising institute/university will be a part of WSRO robotics activity campus.
  • After first workshop completion, we’ll back again with new workshop series which will help the students/schools/Institution/university to remain updated.
  • Participants and faculties of the school/Institution/university can carry their R&D work in the field of robotics.
  • We’ll also help to set up robotics lab for that institution who is interested in robotics.

Workshop Details:

  • WSRO workshops are 100% hands on experience based.
  • The workshop will be completely application development based.
  • Competitive object-oriented teaching methodology of WSRO will help the attendee to think innovative.

The following projects will be done during the workshop, where the students can develop their own many kind of robots: –



Manual Robot Manual remote-control robot designing
Sensor Based Robotics To design/understand a sensor by help of components and PCB, hands on soldering and testing the circuit.
Light Follower Robot Designing a robot which will move /stop depending to the source of light.
Line Tracing with Dual Sensor Designing a robot to follow a black/white line with dual sensor module.
Obstacle Sensing & Avoidance Obstacle avoidance and detection with shortest path finding algorithm.
Advanced Line Tracing Black line in white surface and white line in black surfaces tracing.
Wall Hugger Robot Wall follower algorithm with mono sensor, dual sensor & triple sensor.
Hand Hugger Robot Designing a robot to follow a hand with sensors module.
Remote Controlled Robot Designing a robot controlled by Remote Controlled.
PC USB Controlled Designing a robot controlled by PC USB

Eligibility of Participants:

  • Participants must be good at fundamental and basic science.
  • Participants must be research enthusiastic.
  • Participants should be creative, imaginative, deep thinker.
  • Participants should be good at basic mathematics.

Workshop Schedule:

Sr. No. Activity Duration Mode of Teaching
1 Introductory Speech 00:10:00 Oral with Video
2 Basics of Robotics 00:10:00 Video + PPT +Q&A Forum
3 What is Robot Kit? and its configurations 00:20:00 Video + PPT +Q&A Forum
4 Robot Hands on Assembly 01:00:00 By Instructor & Students
5 Robot Hands on Coding 01:00:00 By Instructor & Students
6 Robot Hands on Testing 01:00:00 By Instructor & Students
Total Duration 03:40:00 Hrs

Requirement from Organizing Institute:

Sr. No Name Description
1 Auditorium/Digital Class Room With capacity of 80+ participants, (AC preferred)
2 Computer lab At least 1 system for coding of robots.
3 Power supply AC Power Supply
4 Sound system speaker, microphone, projector with screen

– Group of 4-6 students will be created during Workshop.
– One Robotic Kit will be given with Instruction manual per group for hands on only (Non take away kits).

Contact us for Workshop in your School:-

Mr. Dhruv Patel
Head, Resource and Program Development WSRO
Mo.: +91 7016857543