Our Expert Team

Meet our professional team meambers

Mr. Vishal Chiripal
Founder & Robotics Enthusiastic
Mr. Gopal Maheshwari
Head of Marketing & Communications
Mr. Dhruv Patel
Head of Resource & Program Development
Mr. Devendra Parmar
Advisor : Competition Development
Mr. Alpesh Purohit
Head of Finance

Our expert and experienced engineer team is always ready to support you and your team with all advanced technical knowledge. Our engineers are continuously engaged in R&D activities to develop newer robotic models for teaching school level as well as college level students. In today’s era, knowledge and skill are very essential commodities for every child. We believe that each of the people involved in the education sector must be oriented toward fundamental development of the student. These very students are the future of our beloved country, India. Hence, very aptly, we have named ourselves after our country and put the objective of our working for making every meaningful thing for WSRO Robotics.

WSRO Robotics kits are unique in design and have nation wide acceptance in terms of durability, versatility and creativity. We believe that children and adults need to be given a platform for nurturing their inner creative and innovative ideas in order to bring in fresh designs and products useful for society and industry at large.

We invite you on this exciting journey to spend time with the children and college students to make them self-reliant and successful in their endeavour to achieve their big dreams. We together can nurture them so that they can contribute to the future of India as well as the society with the knowledge and skills that you impart to them.

We also believe that this knowledge and skills acquiring journey of our children must be activity oriented with a goal set at every corner. Let us make this journey pleasurable for children so that they are able to learn the 21st skills while they make merry with robots, technology and engineering.