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WSRO has been on the forefront of technology knowledge promotions since March 2018.

WSRO is one of India’s leading Robotics Education company and International robotics & stem competition organizers , which is also into robotics manufacturing, selling & research. WSRO is a consortium with HRF, Ahmedabad for international Competition , Robotics & STEM Education for underprivileged students of India. Till the date trained 5000+ Students in Robotics & STEM Education.

School students in the age group of 4yrs. to 20yrs. are trained thoroughly by our experts in Robotics Technology. STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) concepts are imbibed in our students to help them understand the school academics and gain meaningful knowledge.

In 2018, WSRO & HRF proudly hosted the inaugural Robotex India International National Level Competition in Ahmedabad at SBS. The event witnessed the enthusiastic participation of over 500 students in the final round, drawing an audience of more than 3000 individuals, including students, teachers, and parents from across India. The victorious participants were sponsored to showcase their skills at the World Championship in Tallinn, Estonia, held in December 2018.

Building on this success, 2019 saw WSRO & HRF organizing six regional competitions in Delhi, Indore, Mumbai, Pune, Ludhiana, and Ahmedabad, attracting a whopping 3000+ participants and 500+ teams from all corners of India. The culmination of these regional events was the grand Robotex India International National Level Competition hosted in Ahmedabad at SBS.

Fast forward to 2022, WSRO & HRF continued their commitment by hosting a National competition in Ahmedabad at Science City, boasting the participation of over 1500 individuals and 200+ teams from across India.

WSRO has evolved into an annual spectacle, standing tall as one of Asia’s largest robotics and STEM festivals. Each year, thousands of engineers, executives, students, and families converge to draw inspiration from industry leaders, explore cutting-edge startups, engage in robotics challenges, and stay abreast of the latest technological innovations. The event remains a beacon, fostering a vibrant community passionate about robotics and STEM education.

  • WSRO Robotics is a renowned, respected and most innovative brand in India
  • Unique & Own Designed Educational Robotics Kits
  • Own Manufacturing means Lowest possible cost and Original
  • IN – House Research and Development dedicated Team of engineers
  • Dealing in all over India, Middle East and Africa
  • Reach over 120+ schools and trained 5000+ students in the last 3+ years!
  • State of the Art and cutting-edge technology-based syllabus on Robotics
  • Exciting and innovative theme based National Competition on Robotics
  • Leadership and Innovation based activities for school students
  • Competition opportunity provides the competitive edge over any other competitors
  • Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) based conceptual learning
  • 100% hands on practical syllabus on Robotics
  • Exciting and innovative Facebook like application for Partners and their students
  • Opportunity to promote additional business amongst your students using fun applications
  • Detailed knowledge on basics of Electronics, Mechanical, Information Technology and Electrical
  • Problem Solving Approach while teaching Robotics
100+Total Investors
200+Start-Ups Attended
1000+Young Scientists

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